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I mostly see images of the brides and grooms on your site. Where are the rest?

I choose to advertise my service with mostly images of the bride and grooms, but there are in fact many, MANY more images from each wedding. The images I capture during the couple’s photo sessions during their weddings usually end up being my favorite, so I post these on my website and social pages. I capture everything from your invitations to your to your party favors and everything in between. Although it is your special day, I do not only focus on you the entire time. I try and capture at least one photo of every person at your wedding. I feel that it is important for you to see your family, friends, and guests enjoying your day as well. There are so many moments that you will not actually get too see during your wedding, so it’s my job is to capture them for you!

Where do you travel? Is there a travel fee?

I travel throughout all of New England as well as Connecticut and New York. For most weddings that are over 2.5 hours away from Boston, I do charge a small travel fee and overnight accommodations if needed. For engagements and after wedding adventures, I charge a small fee for anything over 60 miles from Boston.

Will you be distracting on our wedding day?

The answer is usually, no. I try very, very hard to stay unnoticeable and discrete while shooting weddings. Most of the time, your guests may not even notice me. I use multiple cameras and have been told that I appear secretive and “ninja-like” while shooting weddings. I remain discrete but mobile in order to get a variety of different shots and angles per scene, while at the same time respecting that your guests are still watching and trying to pay attention to the wedding. Please keep in mind that in dark churches or reception venues, flash may be required in order to provide you with the best quality images. This is the only occasion where I may appear distracting, but trust me; it’s worth it!

Should we get a second shooter?

It’s truly up to you! A lot of the weddings you see on my website are done solo. I have worked with second shooters for many weddings and find that you may get a hint of a different style, different angles, and more candid shots. I am very comfortable working on my own as well as working with another photographer. Depending on your wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen may be getting ready in different locations. Having a second shooter there will allow you to see both sides of the story rather than one.

Do we need to provide you with a shot list?

I do not require a shot list but will absolutely take special requests and image ideas that you may have in mind. Feel free to share a pinterest page or inspiration images with me and I can try and recreate some of the images that you wish to have. If you don’t provide any, don’t worry! I love using the scenery and unique features of each venue and the personalities of each couple to mold and sculpt the look/feel of your portraits. I do however recommend providing a shot list for family photos just to make things run smoothly during those “dreaded formal photos”. In my experience, without alerting people ahead of time, or knowing exactly which people need to gather for family photos, some may get left out or slow things down, leaving less time for other types of images.

How many images will we get?

It depends on your which wedding package option you choose as well as if there is a second shooter present, but I will say that I deliver A LOT of photos. Anywhere between 600-1500 images. I find beauty in the little details of weddings like the handmade decorations, jewelry and make up, a wrinkled tie thrown on the table or abandoned high heel shoes left aside the dance floor. I capture anything and everything that I feel shows off how beautiful, quirky, fun, sentimental, or crazy your wedding is. I also like to provide multiple angles and options of portraits because I know some people are picky. Instead of deciding for you, I’d rather have you choose which of your smiles you like best.

When will we receive our images?

I require 4-6 weeks for image processing and delivery, but many times I will send them quicker. It depends on what season it is and how many other weddings I have booked. To hold you over, I do send some sneak peaks and wedding highlights within a week or two of your wedding for you to view while you wait. I provide an online viewing gallery with web ready images that you can download. The album has a shareable link allowing you to send them to friends and family if desired. A flash drive will be sent to your address holding all of the high resolution, printable images.

How do you edit the images?

I provide you with two albums: a wedding highlight album, and a full album. The wedding highlight album is a collection of 200-400 images that I find tell the story of your wedding. I edit the images by subtly adjusting the natural tones and color that I find compliments your wedding scheme the best. This is a very important process in your wedding photography and is what may have attracted you to my style in the first place. I apply this theme of color grading to your entire album, leaving a cohesive, stylized look. I tend to edit the images by accentuating the creamy tones, and softer colors giving them nice, rich shadows, and light, blush highlights. This style is carried in heavily in your highlight album, and subtly in your entire album. If at any point you do not wish to have any heavy color editing and changing, just reach out and I will adjust my editing style for your liking.

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